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Breakfast Apple Juice Bowl

Everyone has granola with milk in the morning. BOOOOoooooRING. 

Granola with apple juice is tangy, sweet, and refreshing. It transforms your regular granola or cereals into an entirely different meal. 

Add a fruity assortment, and you’re off to a good start. 

This recipe was brought to us by my favorite German chef. 

Breakfast Apple Juice Bowl
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  1. 2 Kiwis
  2. 1 Mango
  3. Seeds from 1/2 a pomegranate
  4. A large shake of granola
  5. A glug of apple juice (get the high quality stuff, cloudy apple juice is the absolute best)
  6. A handful of almonds (slices or whole, we like the crunch of whole)
  1. Mix all ingredients except the apple juice.
  2. Stir in the apple juice (the amount depends on how liquid-y you like this dish), prepare it in whatever ratio you like!
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